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Who doesn’t know the Lagostina brand and its famous pressure cookers? Our co-operation started more than twenty years ago with the multilingual translations of the instructions to use its pressure cookers. It has continued over the years, translating both the descriptions and the instructions for use of the items Lagostina was adding to its range: pots, pans and baking molds, coffee pots, cutlery, kitchens accessories and cooking utensils besides recipes that the company matched to the products sold. In recent years, we also started translating contracts and agreements for them.


Our collaboration with Schneider has been going on for almost 30 years now and we have experienced all the company changes: at the beginning it was called Foxboro Spa, then Invensys Spa until today that it has become Schneider Spa. The company is committed to developing state-of the art solutions and technologies for energy management and automation. Working for them was a challenge right from the start. We started by translating their specialized and very technical manuals into the main European languages (we delivered them first on floppy disks and then on CDs!!!) and we enjoyed it so much that we still take care of them! Obviously, today the technologies used have changed and the demand for services has diversified.

Identità Golose

How nice to translate for the food sector! Identità Golose contacted us for the first time in 2005 talking about the idea of an International Chef Congress to be held in Milan and asking us to translate recipes, chefs' resumes, newsletters presenting dishes, exclusive contracts and everything that could contribute to its launch: we were immediately fascinated by it! The collaboration began at full speed and continued for years on the occasion of Expo 2015 too. Today for them we also translate texts that are not strictly related to food.
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Simco Consulting

We have been working with Simco Consulting, a leading logistics consulting and training company specialized in the supply chain organization, for about 15 years. This industry adopts a very specific terminology that only an expert in the field knows in depth and that we have addressed, studied and analyzed from the first texts they asked us to translate. For Simco and with their support we have prepared dedicated glossaries and translation memories that we use as reference in case of material to be translated into the main European languages. Topics range from offers to technical specifications related to the warehouse layout, up to the website.
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During the many years of collaboration with Aneltec (that is still going on!) we've managed to get them talking to the whole world without them moving from their desk. The company prefers to contact its foreign partners by telephone and we have always provided our over-the-phone interpreting service (the three-way conference call) in all major European languages. Whether it is a first contact for the acquisition of a potential client, defining the economic conditions of an already established business relationship or giving technical explanations and advice in a foreign language, thanks to our telephone interpreting services they have reached almost every corner of the globe.


When we started working with Studiozeta, of course it wasn't called Studiozeta.org because the Internet didn't exist yet! What we immediately liked about the customer was its industry: it is a fashion showroom and talking about fashion, colors and new trends in all languages immediately intrigued us. Today Studiozeta.org is a strong reality and the business letters that we translated for them at the very beginning of our collaboration have given way to the translation of balance sheets, distribution agreements and powers of attorney that we often swear in court.

Mc Donald’s

Mc Donald’s first arrived in Italy in 1988. All top management was American and knew just a few words of Italian. They needed to be supported by competent and professional interpreters and it's the staff we've been providing them with for almost ten years. Meetings with trade union representatives or with possible new licensees, updates with legal and financial consultants were always successful thanks to the support of our professional interpreters. In the following years, we provided them not only with interpreters but also with the translation of specifications and operating manuals, license agreements, balance sheets, and legal texts. And we were also invited to Verona for the opening of the first Mc Donald’s fast food restaurant in Italy, a real event if you think that the staff uniforms were signed by Valentino!
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