Translations by Prontomondo: technical, financial, sworn, advertising, web, and medical translations

Translations by Prontomondo: technical, financial, sworn, advertising, web, and medical translations2020-01-30T17:02:24+01:00

The translations offered by Prontomondo are made by a team of professional mother-tongue translators specialized by language and industry. This makes your written communication in a foreign language effective thanks to the careful and faithful adherence to the source texts, ensuring high quality, confidentiality and always meeting the given deadlines.

Prontomondo translates into all European and extra-European languages and also in the so-called rare languages offering technical, financial, legal, advertising, marketing, web, social media, medical, and pharmaceutical translations.

Our working method consists of 4 consecutive stages:

  1. Project analysis and definition: before any translation work begins, the project profile and the end-market are analyzed and defined with the customer who may also provide a glossary for area-specific “jargon”.
  2. Translation: the translation is carried out by professional mother-tongue translators, carefully selected on the basis of their particular area of specialization and linguistic skills.
  3. Checking: the translation is checked by experts, apart form the translators, so as to guarantee the complete reliability of the final text.
  4. Delivery to customer:  always takes place on schedule by e-mail, fax, or courier according to needs.

Technical translations

Prontomondo has developed a wide experience in the field of multilingual technical translations of  manuals,that has contributed to the international success of small, medium and large companies eager to expand into new foreign markets.

Manufacturers of plants, systems or machinery who want to export their products abroad are required to translate the user and maintenance manuals accompanying their products into the language of the country of export (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC); the same applies to imports.  Our mother-tongue translators specialized by industry, the wide range of language pairs offered and an external staff of engineers and technicians who collaborate in the editing of all texts represent the ideal team to have the guarantee of technical translations perfectly suited to the required communication.  The offer of technical translations  by Prontomondo is not limited to user and maintenance manuals, but also includes instructions and technical specifications, technical catalogues, product sheets, patents, Community standards and tender specifications.

Our  main areas of specialization are: mechanics (automotive, hydraulics and oil hydraulics, textile, agricultural, earthmoving machines, welding machines, lathes, presses, valves and pumps, joints and bearings, logistics, boilers, turbines, machine tools); chemistry (adhesives and glues, cosmetics, petrochemical industry, plastics, water treatment, paints and pigments, glass, enamel and ceramics, instruments for chemical analyses); electronics and electrotechnics (electrical equipment, cables and conductors, electronic components, household appliances, lighting, measuring and precision instruments); plant engineering (hydraulic systems, design and commissioning, heat engineering, air treatment and conditioning); industrial processing (packaging, wood and plastic material workings, textiles).

Traduzioni tecniche

Sworn and certified translations

Prontomondo offers sworn translations carried out by its professional translators enrolled in the Register of Expert Translators at the Court of Milan, who can swear any translated document, taking full responsibility for their translation work and being legally liable for it.

Sworn translations are formally authenticated by the translator’s oath at the Court, which certifies that the translation is correct and faithful to the original document. In some cases, after the translation has been sworn it is necessary to proceed with its legalization (with Apostille) at the Public Prosecutor’s Office for it to have legal value both in Italy and abroad.

Traduzioni giurate e legali
Traduzioni pubblicitarie e di marketing

Advertising and marketing translations

Prontomondo carries out advertising and marketing translations and translates texts for advertisements and commercials, brochures, newsletters, editorials and marketing materials, business presentations, press releases, catalogues, and promotional videos and slides.

Conveying at best  sayings and nuances of the source language even in the translated language: this is the work of Prontomondo professional translators who, thanks to their deep knowledge of the reference markets, can create effective high-impact multilingual texts for advertising and marketing.

Web and social media translations

Today communication, promotion and sales activities increasingly pass through the web. Our  team of translators supports you with professionalism, competence and attention to make your communication in a foreign language perfect for the reference country and market, both in the web and the social media channels. 

Prontomondo takes care of the multilingual translations of your web sites adapting the language to the cultural environment of the target country in which you intend to operate  (we are also expert in interpreting services).

Prontomondo translates the descriptions of the products listed in your e-commerce to help you to sell on a global scale.

Prontomondo offers the translation of your posts on the social media channels  managing your editorial plans to better convey your brand image abroad.

Prontomondo supports you with the translation of your blogs to convey the spirit of your writings  with an eye to the culture and interests of your foreign readers.

Our specialization areas are: food, winemaking, fashion, jewelry, tourism.

Traduzioni web e social

Medical and pharmaceutical translations

The medical and pharmaceutical translations offered by Prontomondo are carried out by mother-tongue professional translators specialized in the industry, always under the supervision of experienced medical doctors and pharmaceutical technicians.

The translated documents are mainly medical and clinical studies, scientific articles, medical records, product information leaflets, manuals and catalogues for electromedical equipment.